Wintery Beach Day and New Designs

I’m in a frenzy of getting ready to move, so my gems and tools and supplies are being packed up for a few days. I did get to finish some pieces for my new range, Luxe de Talaru. They’ll be photographed properly and listed in another week or so.

Noname Sunstone and Gem Necklace

Olearia Bracelet - London Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, Pearls and Gold

We had some lovely walks along the beach on the weekend. It was bitterly cold, which I don’t think you can tell from the photos, and it was wet as well. It was a great opportunity to sit inside in the warm house, drink wine and eat!

Beach Track

My Dad’s dogs, Chilli and Paco, are great hunters. They catch rabbits and hunt fish in rock pools, and when they walk along the beach with us they dig for these little tiny prawn-like sea bugs. They find them in a tidal pool and dig them out with their paws. Here they are doing some ‘fishing’.

Fishing Doggies

One response to “Wintery Beach Day and New Designs

  • Denise Solsrud

    i am happy for you in your move. it is hard work, but will be worth it. i like the part about the wine and eating. i have a neighbor that makes homemade wines and they are wonderful. unfortunely we are not friends,so i do not have the pleasure of a gift of wine not can i ask to buy some. homemade is usually so strong for me, but this is perfect and i love it. had the chance drink some at a friends house. she was lucky to get some as a gift. Bestest, Denise enjoy your wine

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