Oh my, I am so sore!

I’m at the end of day two of three for my move to our new home. I have gone non-stop from early morning till late at night to move out of the old place into our new home. I’m not sure if I mentioned before that the old place is up three flights of stairs and the new place is up two flights, so it’s been up and down stairs carrying all manner of things for two days straight.

But…we’re almost there. We have family coming up tomorrow to help move the large couch, but most of the other furniture is already in the new place, and I am opening boxes I’ve not opened for three years – I forgot how much stuff I had – an entire kitchen’s worth of appliances, gadgets and cooking implements.

My studio room is a complete shambles at the moment – I desperately need more shelving, so we’re plotting a major trip to IKEA to get bookcases for the living room and studio.

Our new neighbours are really nice – another young couple across the hall and a young family downstairs. We’ll catch up for a beer once we’ve all settled.

Did I mention that of the 100 boxes I have in storage, 50 of them are books? Yup, I’m a book hoarder. I can’t wait to see all my old cookbooks and other books. We’re going to have a housewarming party once we’ve settled. The weather is warming up and it is so lovely to feel and smell the sea air, the warm sun and the ocean breeze.

I’ll post some before and after pics once I find the camera and can download them. In the meantime, we’re very happy and can’t wait to fully settle in.

One response to “Oh my, I am so sore!

  • Denise Solsrud

    oh i am so happy for the two of you. i would not like all the stairs. don’t mind them personally,but carrying stuff up and down,but of course i’m older. then there will be groceries. but i am glad that you are happy there. about that party, do you suppose i could attend? would love to and i do not get fall down drunk. so i would behave. have a good weekend. Bestest,Denise

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