Oooops…fell down the stairs.

And I did a good job of it too. Amazingly my head and bones are not broken, but everything else I was carrying smashed to smithereens at the bottom of the stairs. Luckily they were old spice jars I was taking to the recycling bin. Somehow I just missed the step on the landing and Whammo! down I (and the jars) went.

It was a bit surreal. I had one of those moments when I could make a decision to either 1) hold onto the tub of glass jars and know for sure I would be a mangled wreck at the bottom of the stairs, or 2) I could drop the tub of jars with a guarantee they’d smash and try to right myself and minimise the injury. I took option two – but I still managed to bruise lots of myself including a dark, hard, ugly bruise covering most of my butt cheek, and a long bruise down my right arm. I strained my arm as well and it’s all tingly and achy.

That doesn’t stop me though – I am working on a very special necklace which showcases a stunning 18k gold, early 19th century ladies pocket watch with some really nice AAA grade gemstones. It’ll take me a bit longer to make it, with my tingly arm, but I hope it’ll be ready by the weekend.

4 responses to “Oooops…fell down the stairs.

  • Debbie

    Glad you managed to avoid further injury…it sounds painful…though temporary. We’ll be anxious to see your beautiful necklace!! Anxious to see glimpses of your work space as well.

  • Melanie Dooley

    Thank you Debbie! I’m really keen to share some pics of my studio – it’s looking more like a studio and I hope to take some photos this week. Hope you’re well šŸ™‚

  • Denise Solsrud

    i am behind in reading your blog as i i was to my mom’s for a week with my daughter and my 5 grandchilren. had a blast. it was so great to get away. anyway, sorry to hear about your spill. i know what that is like. i did that about 15 years ago. started at the top,slipped and went from top to bottom on my butt. the bruises were something else. but, did you feel very stunned after it was over? kind of a shock. and it stays with for awhile. i did one more thing, when i reached the bottom of the steps, it did a number on my bladder. good thing i was home. take care of yourself. maybe a nice very bath soak would help. Bestest,Denise

  • Melanie Dooley

    I’d love to soak in a bath but I don’t have one. One of the concessions to be living so close to the beach here is a smaller place with no bathtub. I will save the soaking till I visit my parents who have a huge hot tub….glad you enjoyed time with your family…it’s always nice to get away even if only for a short time.

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