Did I Tell You I Design T-Shirts?

They are for sale on RedBubble, along with many of my digital collages. For the digital collages I have used antique photos and images and altered/collaged them digitally for sale as greeting cards, prints, canvas prints and tees.

For the tees here are some of my most recent designs. And this one in particular is a best-seller:

Mr Squidley

This one is designed using one of my antique French Georgian Fashion Prints. This print shows a bathing costume around 1800-1820:

Chasing Butterflies

Another fave is this one. The image is taken from my collection of French lithograph interior design posters dating to the mid-1800s. The designs and patterns are very inspirational – I have around 20 of them, and this is one (scanned and cleaned up a bit):

Baroque Urn

And finally, a new take on an antique early 1900s French holy image:

Sacre Coeur

And here are some of my digital collage artworks. I will be the first to admit, some are a bit wacky, but it was fun to make them. I wish I had more time to make more…once things settle down I might have another go.

Madame De Solay





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