Maison: Kudos Where Kudos is Due

I love my businesses on Etsy. As a seller it’s great to meet people from all over the world and forge friendships with others who are drawn to my designs and selection of treasures. It’s very gratifying when a stranger responds to your own personal aesthetic to the point where they want to invest their hard-earned money in your own artistic endeavours.

What I also love about Etsy is to be able support other sellers and artisans. That is the purpose of these occasional ‘Maison’ topics – where I can tell you about the lovely things I have found on Etsy – loved enough to buy for myself.

In my new house I decided I needed a cushion update. My previous batch of soft furnishings was decidedly 1990s and looking a bit shabby and tired. Not shabby in a good way, shabby in a faded, frayed and unfashionable way. So I searched for some new cushion covers with designs that had an antique vibe.

Thus I found the wonderful shop JolieMarche. The designs from this shop use mainly antique French ephemera featuring cursive script and handwriting, birds and animals and postage themes. The designs are at once evocative of another time, artfully executed and joyful to behold. I bought six covers from Kristi and they now grace our new loungeroom.

New Lounge Room

Below you can see the size cushions in detail. The photos below are the property of Jolie Marche and are reproduced here with permission from the shop owner.

In my next Maison post I will write to you about my alternative to installing chandeliers in my new house. I think you’ll like it.

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