New Listings Today

I’ve managed to list some new designs at L’Atelier de Talaru today. Pics are below.

I had my monthly craft market yesterday and sold many of my assemblage designs – I think about 10 necklaces left my collection to new owners. This is great news because now a whole new group of owners are wearing my designs and telling all their friends about them 😉 As well it means I need to fill the gaps with new pieces. And it’s so nice when customers write to me to tell me how much they’re enjoying their purchases.

I am still working on my Luxe range, and will be able to make some serious headway into these pieces now that my moving and unpacking has finally ended (yay!). I finished one design tonight and will photograph it as soon as I can.

I’ve also developed some branded packaging for some new designs I have thus far only offered for sale at the market. These designs are heavy on gemstones and gold fill chain and findings, and are a complete departure from my core Assemblage range. I do love working with the gemstones and they have been well received so far.

Compass Charm Bracelet

Cut Steel Button Earrings

New Packaging

Floriala Earrings

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