Luxe de Talaru : Montre Gousset Luxury Necklace

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I finally finished my first Luxe necklace design last night. I started it about a month ago and just have not had enough time to finish it till now. It took a lot of time to complete, hand-wiring each small gemstone into the chain, then creating custom loops to attach the chain to the pocket watch. My aim was to not alter the focal piece at all, since it is an early 19th century French gold plated pocket watch that STILL WORKS! Though I must say, it goes for about an hour or so then stops. I don’t know too much about pocket watches so it might be something that can be fixed by a specialist. I will leave the watch alone though because it looks great as it is.

The chain is made from gold fill (14k) wire and a selection of very fine AAA grade gems – London Blue Topaz, Andalusite and Imperial Topaz. I’ve also accented the chain with rare Akoya saltwater pearls. The clasp is a toggle clasp in vermeil (solid silver with a plating of 24k gold) and I added a small dangle of a pearl and Topaz near the clasp.

The pocket watch is incredibly ornate – the back has a pretty foliage and flower swirling pattern to it. The watch face is so delicate and dainty – the brand is Gerka. I did some research into this brand but could nto find anything – so I am guessing the maker went out of business many years ago. The pocket watch is hallmarked with the double eagle head, which is a French hallmark meaning the piece is 18k gold.

This necklace is a delight to wear and is sure to become an heirloom investment – it’s such a privilege to be able to take something that someone loved to wear nearly 200 years ago and give it new life and purpose well into the future.

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