Spring is here. Yes it is. Here to stay for a while…I hope. Three days ago it was howling and storming so hard I thought the house was going to blow down and then we’d drown from the rain. Now it is clear and sunny.  So desperate was I for Spring to begin I made a spring-inspired necklace called, of all things, ‘Printemps’. And no, I didn’t name it after the department store in Paris, but Printemps is French for ‘spring’.

Its beautiful gelato colours contrast nicely with serene creamy pearls and a divine Anne Choi sterling silver bead. The bead is hand made and cast into silver. Anne does some wonderful work and her limited edition beads are quite sought after. I used hand-wired freshwater pearl chain and combined the bead with pink and yellow sapphire gemstones. A big teardrop Baroque pearl hangs from the bottom as well.

It’s such a happy and colourful design, but not in any way over the top. For sale at L’Atelier de Talaru.


One response to “Printemps

  • Denise Solsrud

    oh that is so lovely and gorgeous. beautiful work. R U serious???? you are not coming into Spring are you? we are in fall, next will be winter. or were you saying Spring for you as in wishful thinking? now gotta go look up your necklace. Bestest,Denise our fall weather is sunny and in the 70’s here is wisconsin.

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