New Designs & Vingnettes

I’ll be listing these new designs at L’Atelier de Talaru very soon.

October Designs

New Earrings

I’ve also got some new treasures waiting for transformation into new designs. I can’t wait to use them! I’ll definitely have lots of new designs in the next month, ready for Christmas.

Soon to be designs

I also took some pictures of little treasures I have uncovered in my unpacking.

Sweet Gal

I found this little guy at the Paris flea market at St Ouen a few years ago. I had two, and I gave one to a friend in the States. He’s so sweet, from his painted hair to his painted shoes and socks.

Antique French Penny Doll

I’m not sure if I have ever posted photos of this delightful French mourning locket I’ve had in my collection for some time now. French lockets like this are exceptionally rare, and I don’t often come across them. This one is framed by tiny seed pearls and has a touching and finely executed picture inside, painted on ivory.

French 1st Empire Mourning Necklace

Stay tuned for something special involving this little device...

I recently listed this lovely French Fashion print at my shop Miscellany de Talaru. I just love these prints, which have had authentic antique dresses sewn onto them many years ago. The detail and the old fabrics are just amazing.

French Fashion Print

One response to “New Designs & Vingnettes

  • Denise Solsrud

    oh how could things get better than this. you certainly are fortunite (SP?) to upon these ever so unique articles. they are so splendid and i am so pleased you share with us. the french ladies and of course the round frame with the young lady are super. would never get to ever see these lovlies if you did not put them on your blog. again, thank you. Bestest,Denise

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