Festive Earrings & Other New Designs

I have my monthly market next weekend and I made up a batch of colourful festive earrings for the occasion. They utilise antique brass and vintage rhinestones. I made a few pairs and started really enjoying it, so went all out and ended up with all of these.

Festive Earrings

I also made earrings from these great antique Napoleon coins I came across the other day. I have listed pairs of the coins for sale at La Comtesse de Talaru and decided to make a pair for sale.

Napoleon Earrings

This treasure wrap necklace was recently listed on Etsy. It was such fun to make – gathering all these lovely treasures, stones and beads and working them together into a design. I love wearing these necklaces – they are so versatile and unique.

Treasure Wrap Necklace

And this divine bracelet, made from a Victorian era bracelet locket and antique French pocket watch chain. The colours in this design are very mellow and autumnal.

Victorian Locket Bracelet - SOLD

Here is a necklace I made for myself, and the matching (almost) earrings are in the photo below. I used the smallest most perfect sacred heart reliquary locket from France, and made a simple necklace out of mystic spinel, vermeil beads, kyanite and tanzanite gemstones. Lovely subtle colours – just how I like it!

Sacred Heart Necklace

Matching Earrings

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