Stormy Times and Beautiful Ladies

We had some great rain storms here last week. We rushed down to the beach to grab a few shots of the clouds before the thunderstorms hit. The rain was so hard it sounded like being at a train station with all the trains coming through at high speed, and none stopping. It is storm season here, and we all follow the weather radars for signs of another great natural spectacular.


Stormy Horizon

Then we went to my parents’ place this weekend and enjoyed a few days at the beach. Saturday was great weather and I managed to get sunburnt – good one! We enjoyed lots of nice food, fresh air and heaps of sleeping and relaxing.


My orchids made the trip out to Dad’s place a few months ago, as there is nowhere in our new place for me to keep them. They’ve been lovingly attached to a sheltered wall where they get morning sun. They flowered magnificently this year…they’re happy.

Happy Orchids

And to top off a busy weekend I made a few things…to be listed in Etsy soon. Using a rare rare rare portrait brooch, with a dainty picture painted on ivory and set behind glass, I made this one-of-a-kind necklace using antique French pocket watch chain, and antique fleur de lys links. I love it – I want to keep it!!! But i won’t 🙂

Lovely Lady on Ivory - SOLD

I call this necklace ‘The Works’ because it has every lovely thing you could think of – pink sapphires, super lustrous Akoya saltwayer pearls, rough diamond stones and pave diamond beads/rondelles. The whiteish gemstones are moonstone.

The Works Necklace - Pearl, Sapphire, Diamonds

The holiday season has inspired me to work on a few pairs of long long flapper style ‘dancing earrings’. I call them dancing earrings because they dance around your neck when you walk – these are quite lightweight and very elegant.

Dancing Flapper Earrings

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