Sleepy Boy & Going Deco

Sleepy Boy

We took Serge to visit my mother in Geelong. She’s a photographer and I think she took over 100 pics of him. He had a great time playing in her backyard. He learned to climb stairs and help with the gardening, eat stones and socialising with other humans. He did very well. We tuckered him out though…here he is on the drive home.

I have been making jewelry as well…just haven’t had time to photograph it all yet.

I’ve always loved Art Deco design. No matter what eras or styles I might experiment with, I always come back to Deco. As much as I love gemstones and gold and silver, nothing beats a slightly scuffed Bakelite bead or the straight lines of a Chevron. I’ve acquired a considerable collection of French Art Deco jewelry components dating to the 1920s – genuine pieces from the original jewelry warehouse in Paris where they were stashed away in over 80 years ago. In addition I have some fabulous 18th century French glass beads on their way to me, as well as lots of other beautiful components from all eras in between. Notwithstanding all these new bits and bobs, I still have heaps of lovely focal pieces that you will see incorporated into new designs in the coming month. Here are some past Deco pieces I’ve made:

Deco 1

Deco 2

Deco 3

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