Are you excited about Christmas?

I am – more so for having a 2 week break from work than anything else. It has been very hectic here since the middle of the year and I am looking forward to doing not much at all over the festive season. We hope to spend time at the beach, which is at the end of our street, teach Serge to swim, go to cafes and restaurants and generally just relax around home. I am stocking up on supplies of wonderful old antique beads and components so I can get all creative during the break as well. My last craft market for the year is on next Tuesday, and then we have a break until March 2012. I’m happy to have met a whole new lot of customers this year, and they’ve kept me busy buying lots of my assemblage designs, so I have a whole lot of new treasures to work into designs for 2012.

In the meantime, here are some designs I recently listed on Etsy. I’m starting to use up the Art Deco components I’ve recently invested in, and I have jars and jars of wonderful French Bakelite beads to create with as well.

This necklace uses a divine Victorian-era lithograph button. The button has a paste frame and the gentle colours of the lady in the portrait are gorgeous. I wanted to contrast these soft colours with starker blacks and whites in the necklace chain. For this neckalce I also used an antique French marriage medal and a sweet little baby brooch.

Portrait of a Lady

 Another fave amongst my recent listings is what I call my Fraise necklace. Fraise, French for strawberry, is apt considering the strawberry decoration on the antique mirror locket used in the design. I chose pink topaz and green apatite gemstones to make the chain, which I hand-wired. It was a long process but wonderful to see the finished product.

Fraise Necklace

I have also made more festive earrings, this time using antique Czech leaded crystal. The Czech crystal sends out lovely rainbow prisms when the light hits it. I’m thinking I might make a pair of these for myself as well!

Crystal Daggers


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