New Things

The Christmas rush is over, yet each day we vow to have a day at home and do nothing other than wander down to the beach, walk to a local restaurant and watch movies. And so far we’ve not done any of that, mainly because the weather is so wonderful we want to be out and about, but also because there are so many things to do! My computer hard drive crashed so I had to go into the Mac Shop and get a new one, there are lots of sales on right now so I’ve bought new towels, a few dresses and lots of things for the Poodle.

Unfortunately I lost some really cute pics of Serge with the hard drive crash, where he spent an afternoon chewing up foam blocks from some IKEA packaging. The lounge room rug was like snow. I also had to re-shoot a whole lot of jewelry pics – here are some new items to be listed soon.

Pretty Pastels

The above bracelet uses beautiful pastel beads from different eras, the oldest dating back to the 1930s. Despite decades of beads, they all work well together in this memory wire bracelet which should fit most sized wrists. Another memory wire bracelet uses a great collection of old rosary beads, vintage beads and other pretties I chose for their pale, creamy and silver tones. It’s a great way to use up some miscellaneous beads you might have hanging around, and I have plenty of those! I decorated each end with antique medals, fobs and bling.

Antique Assemblage Bracelet

To replace the bracelet stolen from me earlier this month, I made a few more using woven leather and antique charms mixed with gemstones. I love the contrast of leather, gemstone and old metal.  The one below has a beautiful old seal with the name Eliza engraved into it. The brass fob comes from a French pocket watch chain.

Antique Charm Bracelet

This one is a simpler design but has an incredible antique (late 1700s) carriage token from England. The detail in the token is amazing, with horses pulling a carriage on one side and writing on the other. This one is a great layering bracelet.

Carriage Token Bracelet

I’d mentioned perviously that I recently bought up a huge lot of Art Deco jewelry components – Bakelite beads, brass stampings, glass beads and other treasures. I’ve started to use some in my designs, like these stunning French 1920s Jet Glass drops. The Art Deco designs are so amazing they look modern, like they were made yesterday. But they are genuine antiques, and I have lots of them in different styles.

Deco Earrings

My new favourite thing is this mottled green glass from Czechoslovakia. There is something so retro about the colour and pattern to this glass – I have a few lovely pieces that I’ve transformed – into earrings and a ring. The ring is satin glass from Gablonz, one of the foremost glass and jewelry making towns in the world. The glass dates to the 1920s and makes for a great statement ring.

Gablonz Ring

Mottled Glass Earrings

Here are some of the Bakelite necklaces I bought. I have heaps of loose beads as well, and I’m a little stumped as to what to do with them. I love the inky black necklace shown below, so will probably keep that one, and some of the other colours are amazing – such organic tones for a manmade item – greens, oranges and yellows. Some of the beads are huge – around 30mm, so you could end up looking like Wilma Flintstone in one of these necklaces. These necklaces and the beads come from an old factory in France, and my supplier bought a bulk lot…lucky me!

Bakelite Dreams

I obtained a bulk lot of antique mother of pearl rosaries as well. These are a little different in that they are matte, not shiny. I think they have been treated in some way to take the sheen off. It will be interesting to use these in some designs.

Mother of Pearl

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