NYE Creations

Now, you might be wondering what sort of person would be creating jewelry and posting on her blog on New Year’s Eve? Well this person is in a town that is having a heatwave, and it’s too hot to go anywhere and do anything. The sky is bright blue and no matter where you go…you sweat. So I put on the fan in the studio and made a few things. It will cool down a bit soon, and then we’ll go out and see what’s happening around town.

Melbourne is a town of 4 million-plus people – there is always something interesting happening on NYE. We are only half an hour by train to the city, where hundreds of thousands of people  gather along the river to see fireworks and hit the bard, pubs and clubs of the city. I’m not wanting to be part of the throngs, but it is some great people-watching at this time of year.

So…today I made a few bracelets and a necklace from the new (old) rosary beads I got the other day. They clean up nicely and after a bit of handling, reveal their lovely nacre.

The necklace I made uses a Victorian-era Vulcanite locket – it would have once been a mourning locket and is beautifully made. There is the face of a Grecian lady on the front, and inside I added a mid-1800s tintype of a gracious looking lady. A beautiful silver and paste Art Nouveau piece connects the locket to the rosary chain. I used some of my lovely antique Czech beads – milky satin glass and steely grey bicones.

Gracious Lady

I have had these delightful rhinestone clasps for ages, purchased from the wonderful Dian of Beadtopia Vintage. They are multi-strand clasps and it is often a challenge to work them into a necklace design, but they make great bracelet clasps. Hence these two designs.

Pretty Bracelets


Happy New Year everyone!

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