Tresors pour moi!

I’ve been making a lot for my shop lately, so I thought it was time to make use of some of my precious treasures and make a few pieces for myself. You know that I welcomed a little poodle puppy into my home a few months ago. I’ve since searched for poodle-themed items I might be able to use in a design. Needless to say most are a bit twee and many are terribly tacky. But I did find this divine little Victorian-era seal fob. And it’s in the shape of a poodle. He became the centrepiece for a necklace which also features chain in smoky quartz, rose quartz and tanzanite gemstones.

Poodle necklace

My parents think it’s amazing that I have taken to Serge so quickly, since all my life I’ve been a cat person. But I love him to bits and he is such a joy to have in our lives. He is apparently very well behaved, for a puppy, according to people I know who’ve had dogs before.

Poodle necklace

I finally came up with an idea for a necklace for this beautiful 19th century St. Esprit pendant I’ve had for ages. It’s a silver piece with paste stones. I don’t actually know if it’s French or English – I bought it from a dealer in England, but such pendants are typically French. I used beautiful, subtly sparkling chain made with hand-wired black spinel and iolite gemstones, as well as chain from a solid silver antique rosary. They all come together in an eye-catching chocker necklace that I love, and I often wear it together with my Poodle necklace.

St. Esprit Choker


St. Esprit Choker


Tresors pour moi

I have some interesting new pieces coming to my shop soon. I’ll photograph on the weekend and upload as soon as I can. Here’s a sneak peek…

Big ole ring


Very Deco Earrings

3 responses to “Tresors pour moi!

  • arianne

    I’m in love with that ring !!! I have matching earrings (also with the stars and in the same matter, whatever it is, I think Backelite), that used to be my great-great-grandmothers. And a matching necklace (no stars).

  • Debbie

    Melanie – I absolutely adore the St. Esprit Choker! It’s to “die for” and the poodle necklace is so sweet. You should upload a photo of you wearing both as you mentioned. Cheers, Debbie

  • Denise Solsrud

    i am with debbie. how about a photo of you wearing the necklaces. the jewels are as always splendtacular. i too am practically souley a cat lover. find it hard to attach myself to a puppy or dog. the ones i was crazy about are gone. i prefer to start with a kitten and grow with their personality. have a good weekend. Bestest,Denise

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