Lulu’s Dark Side

A while ago I made Lulu – an extravagant necklace of pearls, diamonds and sapphires. It was white and pink and glittery.  It has sold to a local customer, but I liked the style and always wanted to make something similar. I wrote about it here.

Today I worked with another pave diamond piece I’ve had for a while, and made a darker version of Lulu.

Lulu the Bad

Lulu the Bad2

Dark Lulu is made from black spinel gemstone chain, pink sapphires, red rubies and a silver and pave diamond pendant. I made the toggle clasp by hand and added little Japanese Akoya saltwater pearls. It’s quite a Luxe design, very Deco and flapper, and great to wear. I’ll list it for sale once I can take some half decent photos in good light.

There is also this other necklace I’ve been working on for MONTHS! It just would not work and I gave up thinking I’d never finish it. But tonight I had a brainwave, and managed to make it work to get the result I wanted. I used an Art Deco rhinestone brooch as the centrepiece, and added dangles of pearls. The chain is in silver, with light blue topaz, mystic antique silver quartz and pearls. There is also a bit of gold in there for contrast.

Sparkle Girl Necklace

New girls on the block

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