A long weekend and a wedding

It is Australia Day today. This is a national holiday which falls on 26th January every year. It’s when we recognise the first white settlement of Australia. It’s a day that’s becoming more and more controversial, with Aboriginal and ethnic protests and gangs of teenagers roaming the streets waving and wearing Australian flags (considered a racist gesture?!). But it’s also a day of BBQs, going to the beach, drinking beer and enjoying a day off. And if the day happens to fall on a Thursday or Tuesday, most people make the most of it and have a four day weekend.

Australia Day

Last night we went to the Suzuki Night Market, an annual event held from November to March at the Queen Victoria Markets. The markets run a few days a week selling produce, gifts, souvenirs, clothes etc, but the night markets are a showcase for international cuisine and handcrafts. There is a great array of food, from Ethiopian to Greek to Chinese. I tried some Columbian food – white tortillas with beans, guacomale and chicken. For dessert I had fried donut balls with honey, chocolate and ice cream, I need to go on a seriously long walk to work off all the oil in those donuts!

Night Market

So…I mentioned a wedding. Last Sunday we went ot visit my mother for her birthday. Her partner Bob has a birthday 10 days after mum, so they decided to have a joint birthday party. We all arrived and started to enjoy the great food and company. I made chocolate coffee meringue brownies.


Then as we were all sitting outside enjoying the perfect weather, a woman arrived and started talking to us. She had an authoritative  voice and I knew right away she wasn’t just any ‘usual’ friend of my mother’s. She was in fact a marriage celebrant and was there to marry mum and Bob.

I had suspected that they might do something like this – since they met 10 months ago they’ve been inseparable. It was not the first marriage for either, with Bob being married once before with 6 kids and mum being married three times before with two kids. So I guess you could say that they ‘knew’.

The dragonflies are a symbol for mum and Bob, since a few years ago mum and I got tattoos on our wrists – a bee for me and a dragonfly for mum. Bob has since got the same dragonfly on his wrist. They decorated their cake with little dragonflies.


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