A few new pieces, recently listed

I’ve been playing with a very broad range of materials lately – very different colours and textures. This shows in the latest designs I listed at L’Atelier de Talaru.

I had another Art Deco baby’s rattle, that I transformed into this…

Art Deco Rattle Necklace with Pyrite, Iolite and Silver

I like the contrast of bright and dark silver, with a hint of blue from the Iolite gemstone chain.

I wrote recently about some Art Deco Bakelite necklaces I got from a closed down factory in France. Also in the same stash was a huge collection of Galalith beads. I used some to make this necklace…

Tea Swirl Lariat Necklace

The organic colours are lovely, and the central bead on this piece is massive. It’s not super heavy, but it certainly dominates the design!

I always love a mirror locket, and this one was originally destined for my supplies shop however I was inspired by a bag of miscellaneous gemstone beads in nice Fall colours, and so made this necklace.

Mirror Locket Necklace

Last but certainly not least is a necklace which features a handmade artisan bead by the brilliant Anne Choi. Her beads are so amazing you don’t need too much else in the design and I am always stuck on how make the most of the components so as to best show off her work. I opted to keep it simple, drawing on the colours in the bead and replicating these in the necklace. I think it works…what do you think?

Anne Choi with Pearls and Pyrite

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