Georgian Gloriousness

A little while ago I discovered Sleeping Beauty turquoise. I must admit to never having been a great fan of turquoise, but when I saw Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona) I was transfixed. So I invested a few hundred dollars into a strand of these creamy, sky blue  gems. And I held onto them for a while, not daring to use them for anything un-spectacular.

Then I came across a Georgian era snuff box. I don’t take snuff, myself. Maybe I would have taken it if I lived in the 18th century. But I loved the snuff box as soon as I saw it – just the word – ‘snuff’ – is very Georgian and dandy.

This snuff box is quite ingenious in its design. It’s ornate, and of a perfect size to use on a necklace. There is a little button on the front, and when you press it a primitive, but very effective, mechanism sets off a little lever that opens the lid. It’s a perfect example of early mechanics and still works as well today as it did when it was made.

Here is what I did with it.



2 responses to “Georgian Gloriousness

  • Denise Solsrud

    i would love to just sit by you and watch as you create another breath take design. better yet just to look at your supplies and the incredible stories behind them. i would not touch them. would just wanna fill my head with all the desirables. it is hard to imagine how these unusual treasures are each better than the last. always be inspired and creative. Bestest,Denise

  • Melanie Dooley

    Lately I’ve been working on my using things from my box of treasures – the really precious things I’ve been hoarding. Although this necklace is not for sale, my next design will be – and it will be very Parisian!

    LOL if you sat by me when I made this necklace, you would have been here for months. It took me AGES. I just did a little bit at a time because all that hand wire wrapping gets monotonous and I can only bear to do a few inches at a time. But once I knew the pieces I was going to work with, I could picture the finished necklace in my mind, and then all I had to do was make it!

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