New Designs

I started a project a few months ago where I have worked out some complementary colour palettes based on themes I like and then bought up beads in these colours to make necklaces and bracelets. There are a number of tools on the web where you can upload a photo and derive a five-colour palette from the picture. So I uploaded a few pics of things like Versailles Palace, gardens and so forth, and saved the palettes as inspiration for these designs.

The first piece to come from this collection is a necklace I call ‘Pink Versailles’. It combines various shades of pink with light lemon and creamy baroque glass pearls. I used dark wire to accent the colours. I like the finished product, and am now working on a nice gentle Jane Austen inspired design.

Versailles Pink

 I have also been waiting on a big batch of leather off-cuts from a supplier in, of all places, Lithiuania. It arrived the other day and my first piece with this leather is a cuff bracelet. I have leathers in all colours, shapes and textures, so it will be fun to play with a few more designs. The first cuff bracelet features a lovely Victorian-era shoe buckle made with cut steel. It’s a quality piece, with small, riveted steels. I think it came up quite well. Let’s see what I do next!

Cut Steel Leather Cuff

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