Seems like forever…

…since I last wrote in this blog.

Probably because it HAS been a while and I have been super busy in my day job. I am always plotting ways to make my day job redundant, so I can focus on making stuff for a living. Alas, that day is not here yet…but I am always optimistic.

I have been ‘doing stuff’ other than work.

Serge went to get neutered the other day.


He does not like his Elizabethan collar – but what dog does? He has been very good, not really bothering his wound, but we have to watch him a lot. Luckily it is a three day weekend so we can spend time keeping him occupied with things other than his stitches.

We went to a lovely old Victorian mansion today – Ripponlea.


It’s situated smack bang in the middle of one of the most affluents parts of town and we reckon the land along is worth 10s of millions of dollars. I’m glad that nobody gave in to the lure of the dollar, and the house was donated to the National Trust when the last owner died. It is decorated inside in the Hollywood Regency style, when the last owner wanted to lose the darkness of Victorian decor and lighten the place up a bit. I love Hollywood Regency, though it does not work well in my place as our home is a bit small for the grandiosity of the style.

I had my first market of the year last weekend. It went ‘OK” – but because we had moved to a new location, and because the authorities who run the market do not seem to think the market needs too much promotion, the crowds were low and slow. It was worth my while to go, don’t get me wrong, but it was not as busy as it would usually be. I had the chance to set up my new displays after scouring town for suitably antique/shabby looking things. I think it came up well. My objective was to get some height into the display. I have another market this month, and one other next month. I’m off to Europe in May for two weeks so I miss the May market, but I’ll be back for June.

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