Some new things

I actually made a few things for myself last night. Some time ago I picked up this intriguing little pendant you see in the photo below.

It looks like a little cocktail shaker, or maybe a tiny urn. It is neither but it does relate to a vice of sorts. For when you screw open the lid you find this inside…

Yep, it’s a little dice holder. The dice inside are made from carved bone. I believe the piece to be from the 19th century, but I don’t know more about it than that. It is from France, so maybe it was a doll’s accessory? Whatever it WAS, it is NOW part of what I call the Vice Necklace. I used a delightful little serpent pendant to hang it from, and accented the otherwise monotone design with juicy pink sapphires.

I did also make a few things to list in my shop as well.

Like these lovely Mary earrings with exclusively-cast silver Mary charms…

Or this statement necklace which features a perfect condition Art Deco chain maille purse.

I also loved making these charm necklaces from a variety of lovely bits and pieces including a fine silver seal I made myself using one of my antique Georgian-era seals for the impression.


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