Old Treasures…New Inspiration

I received a great batch of goodies and supplies this week. Beautiful little rose connectors, steel beads, Victorian lockets, and a stunning hair slider. Many of these lovelies are now listed for sale at La Comtesse de Talaru.



I have also made another Lulu necklace – this beauty has as its focal point a lush, dark flame ball pearl with beautiful iris tones. This pearl matches wonderfully with the blue gemstones and black mourning glass. The handmade pearl tassel adds movement and a dash of fun. I’ll be making and selling these tassels in my shop – for now they will come in cream pearl, iolite gemstone, silver pyrite and black spinel. Other gemstones can be used, made to order.


I’ve had these antique French jet glass beads and elements for about a year. I’ve made a few little things here and there but I finally had a burst of inspiration on the weekend to make some earrings. I did some research into how these elements were originally used. Here is my interpretation. I’ll list them in my shop once I can get some decent pics.

The earrings above use matte black glass which was made in the 1920s in France. The teardrops are hollow, and are joined to 1930s Czech mottled green glass beads and gold fill earwires. Very elegant.

Below is another pair using glossy hollow glass drops shaped like baroque pearls. They join to chrysoprase chicklet stones and gold fill earwires.

Finally there is this pair, using small hollow teardrop glass beads, also 1920s French, combined with daffodil yellow 18th century French seed beads. I like the way these elements came together – the black glass is matte and the earwires are gold fill.

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