Spring Cleaning

To say I am spring cleaning is very much wishful thinking because we are still in the thick of winter. But we felt like a bit of a tidy up and reorganisation of the living room. As I was doing this I came across some things I have scattered around the room that I thought would be nice to photograph.

This Michael Cutlip original sits on a shelf above the kitchen sink. I really love the colours and naivety of the piece.

And a reminder of what’s most important in life.

A part of my collection of Clarice Cliff Art Deco ceramics. I love the shapes.

How’s this great old fan? We found it at the Camberwell Market. It was dirty and oily and dusty and when we cleaned it up and did some research we found out that it is a rare industrial age (1920s) fan which if working can sell for close to $1,000. We just love the shape and style of it – it’s very heavy.

When I was in my teens I used to save up my pocket money and go trawling through the big old antique markets that used to be on the outskirts of the city centre. They are now long gone and I often think about some of the great things I should have bought but never did. I did have a thing for old books, and here are some that I still have.

And here is one old book serving as a prop for my newest design – an Edwardian carved bone mirror locket long necklace. The locket is of exceptional quality and was quite expensive to buy, so the price of this piece is also relatively high. The chain is of hand-linked gemstones – orange garnet and black spinel. It’s a lovely, stately piece reminescent of Downton Abbey.

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