Little Miss Everywhere

I feel a bit like Little Miss Everywhere at the moment. So much is going on. Lots of exciting news, so read on…please.

Most important is my new creative venture. Since last year I had the idea to design my own line of cushion covers. In November 2011 I set up my Etsy store Maison de Talaru and got to work on making my designs. I had 30 designs done by March and sent them off to be printed on a beautiful silk/cotton fabric. It has taken a while to get around to making the cushion but with the help of my lovely and talented mum, we finished them all this weekend.

The first 28 finished designs are now listed at Maison de Talaru. Below are some pics of the cushions – I am showing you my personal favourites but go take a look at the shop and see the whole range. As an opening special I have free shipping worldwide.


Aside from my cushion range, I have been working with some gold plated elements in my jewellery designs. I found a local plating business that can plate some of my unique elements in 23 karat gold. I have a big bag of things to work into forthcoming designs – the first are these earrings. I think they have a wonderfully antique Georgian look to them. With the stately pearls and subtle colour of the chrysoprase, these earrings look fabulous on.

I have also been working on this necklace, initially for myself, for about a week. All up I think there is about eight hours of work in this design which incorporates an amazing Mammoth Ivory bead (apparently around 10,000 years old), vintage coral, chrysoprase, gold, pearls and other delights. I juts love the play of colours and the long flapper tassel style. I’ve worn it to work about three times this week.

I have some charm bracelets to list at L’Atelier de Talaru…

I’m really loving using organic elements in my designs. I bought this original Edwardian lariat necklace (or it might have been a belt) which is made from Ox Bone beads. The end beads are amazing – I think I will keep it intact and use it for inspiration in some new designs.


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