Fine Silver Wonderfulness

I’ve been working on a few fine silver pieces lately. I enjoy the organic process of making a mold, casting the silver, perfecting the finish then firing the silver. After aging to a patina I then have to decide what to do with the finished piece. Some of the designs are so intricate I feel that they don’t need much embellishment so I do tend to keep it simple. The design below is not such a piece.

I love making tassels and this graduated gemstone tassel took a while to make but all the effort is worth it. I used moonstone, sky blue and London blue topaz and hand wired the gemstones with silver wire. To complete the tassel I made a cluster of the same gemstones, along with Larimar, pearls and apatite.

The fine silver pendant is cast from a Victorian-era button and this links to a Kasumi-like pearl. Kasumi pearls come from Japan and cost a fortune. Kasumi-like pearls are made in by the same process but they come from China. One or two Japanese pearls cost the same as a strand of Chinese pearls.I think it is a stunning pearl.

The rest of the chain is made from clustered moonstone, sky blue and London blue topaz, pyrite chain, tow large London blue topaz and a little section of Keishi pearls. This necklace looks great on, though I found it hard to photograph. It took many hours to complete, over the course of a few weeks. 



Here’s a full-length view.



The other necklace has a much larger pendant, also molded from an antique button. I kept the chain simple for this design, using Iolite chain with the addition of tanzanit, grey moonstone and a beautiful and rare candy-floss pink Morganite focal stone.



Here are the two necklaces together.



One response to “Fine Silver Wonderfulness

  • Lisa Taglialavore

    Vulticulus these are stunning! I am just curious and I need to go and look at the Etsy page in more detail but I am sort of a clutz and one who has to sort of wear really simple jewelry because I lose and break stuff. Might you have any picees that incorporate moonstone in this same gorgeous way but that might be good for a kind of day to day wearer? I wear my moonstone rings (2) almost daily and I would love some simple earrings or a short necklace to go with. Give me a shout if so – wow these pieces are just divine and btw, I think you did a greet job making images of them!

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