Getting back into making

Sometimes I need a break from making jewelry. As much as I love doing it, other things take priority and I simply can’t get to my studio for weeks at a time. I really do miss it, and it somehow does not feel right if I am not making something. Now that the weather is warming up we are spending more time outdoors, walking Serge and enjoying the sun. By the time we have dinner, do some chores and finally stop – it’s time for bed!

Lately I have become a Pinterest addict. I really love the recipes that I find from all over the world, and the wonderful, inspiring art from other talented artisans. And now that it is turning to Fall in some parts of the world, I am seeing lots of stunning images of falling leaves and wintery times – something we don’t get here.

If I can find a Pinterest widget to put onto this blog I will add it in, otherwise you can join/follow me by searching my shop name LaComtessedeTalaru.

I did make some necklaces on the weekend, and I am starting to build up supply for the Christmas markets here in Melbourne. I found a bulk lot of beautiful vintage Lucite beads I had hoarded away some time ago and I’ve had fun making some funky, retro-styled sets for our upcoming Australian summer. I don’t plan to offer these online but I will post some pics once I get around to it. I made a few antique assemblage pieces that are already listed for sale at L’Atelier de Talaru.

I’ve also been doing a lot of cleaning out of my crafting supplies and have listed lots of great bulk lots of jewelry and beads for sale at La Comtesse de Talaru. It’s interesting how my design taste changes over time – I am always keen to try new things and learn new skills. Some things I try out stay with me and others are left behind for new techniques and styles. It’s not long now till I start my jewelry design course – so who knows what I will start making once I learn some more formal jeweler’s skills?

Here are some of the necklaces I have made recently. First up is a simple necklace of religious treasures including a solid silver cross, communion medal from May 1900, crystal glass rosary heart and beautiful antique mother of pearl rosary beads.

I really love this memorial locket necklace. The antique French locket has a very old photo inside with a lock of hair. I combined this locket with some ornate brass chain and some small charms. A simple, but special, necklace.

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