A short break…

We took the week off work this week…to do nothing. It was great. Not having to get up with the alarm, battle traffic and sit in the office all day. We did some touristy things around town, ate out in very nice restaurants, did some tidying up at home and generally relaxed around our local area. You need a holiday like that sometimes.

This afternoon I came across a delightful little macaroon stand. They sell two things – macaroons and high quality French tea. So I bought a small box of macaroons and a tin of Earl Grey tea and we had a nice Frenchy afternoon tea. The macaroons were in all manner of exotic flavours such as rose petal, blackberry, pistachio and violet. My favourite was salted caramel – which was sticky and caramelly. I just loooove salted caramels. You can buy them all over France, in so many flavours, and now they are becoming fashionable here. Which is a good thing.

I also managed to do some creating, and put together some nice designs for L’Atelier de Talaru. I love this bracelet, which uses a 100 year old bicycle registration plaque. I have other plaques, from different years, and they are all beautifully designs, for such a utilitarian item.

And for something quite simple and elegant…this casino chip necklace on pretty golden cut steel beaded chain.

I also re-visited this beautiful old Art Nouveau French pendant. Previously it was part of a necklace design that just didn’t seem to work. So I took it apart and re-made it into something simpler. I think it turned out quite well.

And finally I thought I’d share with you some inspiration. My all-time favourite stone to work with and own is coral. Old old coral is the best, and Georgian coral is for me, the pinnacle. Here is an example of an early 19th century coral necklace. I don’t intend to pull this one apart – it’s part of my collection, and I do wear it sometimes.

And here is some more coral which has been worked into some designs, combined with old and ancient lockets, seals and chain.



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