Full-time jewelry lady…

So much new, so little time.

I suppose the biggest bit of news I have for you is that as of mid-November, I will be very happily unemployed. I realise that leaving a job I’ve held for 10 years in a time of economic slowdown and job market uncertainly is not something most people would do, but I was able to negotiate an end to my tenure with my employer that worked out well for all concerned. In a company that is restructuring, there are always opportunities, and the time has come for me to seek some new ones.

I am considering a few things, such as moving into a new job early next year or taking some time off to study full time, or part time for a year. What I do know for sure is that I will not do anything until next year. So I will take a few months off and enjoy our beautiful summer and Christmas break, maybe with a short exotic holiday in there somewhere as well;-) I have been continually employed for the past 14 years, and I do feel like I need not only a change, but also a break.

For me there is a big difference between taking a break and being idle. I am bringing in a lot of great new (old) goodies to sell in my supplies shop La Comtesse de Talaru – they should start showing up in the next week or two. I have some beautiful new designs for my cushion cover range, for sale at Maison de Talaru, and some new products and items I will be experimenting with. Of course, I will be making jewelry as well. I took receipt of my new kiln the other day so I can expand my fine silver range and experiment with enamel and bronze clay. I will be doing more markets and making the most of the summer visitors to our lovely city.

The other great news I have is that last week I started an Introductory Jewelry course at this city’s most renowned jewelry school. It’s a one-night-a-week course that runs for 9 weeks and we learn all the basic techniques of jewelry making such as sawing, soldering, finishing etc. I’ve made a brooch out of brass, from my own design, and once I finish it I will show a photo. We’ll then be learning how to make rings and all sorts of other goodies. I am really looking forward to incorporating these techniques into my designs and offering a whole new range of options to my customers.

So for now I am working on winding up my job, handing over to my colleagues and thinking about what to do with my days once I have finished. Here are some recent pieces I have made and which are listed for sale at L’Atelier de Talaru.



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