A day of creating

I spent the past two days making things. Some of these designs are shown here and more will come in the next few days. I’m doing a lot of jewellery but also some other crafty things involving distressed mirrors, paint and glass baubles. If it works out how I intend, I will put up some photos in a few days.

I have so many supplies to use, I think I could work for a year without buying any new bits and pieces. But I love the hunt for new elements to design with so I rarely go a day without sourcing something new to work with. I’m working across many mediums at the moment, from my traditional antique assemblage to resin work, leather and hide cuffs, Czech glass and fabrics. I’m also incorporating some of the skills I am learning in my jewellery course by making my own head pins, soldering and manipulating wire.

I am also working on a very special piece made from a 200-year old French Empire era tiara. That is probably a few weeks away so stay tuned for that.

I only list a few of my designs in my shop and online…most go straight to my markets. I make a lot of jewellery with Czech glass beads. I particularly love the textured and ancient looking beads coming onto the market at the moment – there are ancient clay-looking beads, distressed glass-looking beads, seaglass-looking beads in every colour. I’ll take some pics of these designs to show you.

Meanwhile, here are some designs from today – just listed at L’Atelier de Talaru.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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