Evolution of a design

I’ve ordered some special gems recently, and the first batch arrived today. I’m really looking forward to working with some substantial, chunky gems. I seem to be drawn to organic colours right now – mossy aquamarine, pyrite and a bit of an anachronism – chrysoprase. I bought these gems in shapes and cuts I would not normally use. Now that I have so much more time to devote to creating, I am trying many new things.

Today my endeavors were devoted to changing this…

Gems, glorious gems

…into this.

Moss Aquamarine and Chrysoprase Earrings

and this…


I am super busy right now. My last jewellery class is this week. I’ve learned some great new skills and intend to take it further. I have my last two markets of the year this Friday and Saturday. I am currently looking at my options for next year – work, study and work or…we’ve had a few opportunities come and go, (one of which would have involved a big move to a place a long way away). I am also working with a career coach to brush up my resume and interview skills, just in case I decide to slip back into the corporate world. I am not sure yet…I’ll think on it over Christmas.

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