A blah-ish kind of week


I think I am just tired, but I feel like it’s just blah. A lack of motivation is something quite foreign to me, and I am sure it will pass quickly. Maybe it’s a result of a few things – interrupted sleep, focussing on house building and land buying, trying to sell our existing home, starting to look for jobs, not having many markets this month.

I hardly ever have a moment of ‘blah’ – it’s just not me, but with so much going on I am focussing on things other than what I really want to be doing. Yes, I do want a job, but I am quite particular in my needs and am being fairly selective about what I apply for. Having looked at 20 or so serious prospects, only one has received an application from me and one has received an enquiry…so far.

Some people job hunt for months, and I admire the persistence in that.

So what’s positive about things now? Yesterday I fulfilled my first wholesale order for cushion covers. My customer really loves the quality of my product as well as the designs. I’m inspired to approach some local fancy home decor boutiques and see what they think of my work. If I could do at least 10 covers a day I’d have a full-time job!

Markets are a bit thin on the ground this month, and I really miss the interaction with my customers. One market is down to 50% of its usual capacity whilst they renovate – but it will be great when the works are finished. Another market does not start till March, and another is at the end of this month. I have so many great new designs to offer, I want to get them out there!

Well I have been making things. I have rummaged through my red velvet box of treasures and picked a few pieces I’ve been hoarding and transformed them into something special.

An assemblage piece I finished this week is a very special Napoleon-themed design. It has a very rare mini notebook/carnet de bal as it’s focal piece and is characterised by elegant simplicity. A really pretty antique French sautoir chain makes up most of the necklace, along with antique mother of pearl beads and sparkly zircon gemstones.


The notebook has notes inside by the original owner. It dates to around 1913, so it has turned 100 years old this year.


In my fine silver range I have added some new designs for everyday petite earrings. I’m adding gemstones into my pieces and they’ve come up really well. I found a matching pair of buttons – one large and one small – with the same pattern. I was inspired create an earring and necklace set from these patterns.





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