Here is my 2013 birthday photo. It’s Serge and I on the balcony. Today is such a beautiful day and I am looking forward to a nice walk along the beach when B gets home. I think Serge was looking at some people walking on the street nearby. He was about to bark when the shutter went.


We have been very busy forging ahead with choosing a block of land and a house design. I think we are there on the house design but still considering a few options for the block. Our place will be light and airy with lots of windows and a pool close to the house so we can see water from inside. It’s very exciting and now we just want it to happen. Of course it doesn’t work like that but I am sure this year will fly by as we wait for the build to start and then finish.

In the meantime I have been busy with a few new jewelry designs. I have only one market this month, on the 24th, so I am stocking up on the sort of designs I think that the local clientele will be interested in. From March onwards the market season picks up and I will be able to increase turnover of designs, and thus bring out lots of new designs.

The same day I received the beautiful book locket in the design below, I started and finished the necklace.  I’m really liking the subtle greens of moss aquamarine these days. They contrast well with many colours, and I love putting them next to vibrant reds and pinks. This necklace harks to a fragrant lavender field in France. If you visit Provence around June you will see the lavender in full bloom. The greens and purples in this piece were inspired by the lavender fields.

The book locket is very rare. It’s a Paris souvenir piece dating to the very early 1900s, if not a bit earlier. It is in exceptional condition for its age, and was a real find. I snapped it up as soon as I saw it. This design is for sale at L’Atelier de Talaru.



I am also boosting my bracelet range and for the piece below I pulled apart a multi-strand necklace that had not sold, and repurposed parts of it into this three strand bracelet. I love to mix vintage rhinestones with dull, old beads. This bracelet is a great example of that aesthetic; faded glamour.


I’ve gone crazy with contrast in the next design. This elegant and timeless design is inspired by the grand jewels of Josephine Beauharnais – wife to Napoleon Bonaparte. The late 18th and early 19th centuries were a time of Neoclassical lines and opulence, but not in a gaudy way. It is my favourite era for design and would be the first stop for me on a trip back in time. This necklace combines earthy faceted moss aquamarine (look at those beautiful stones!) with smooth pinkish red sapphires and a gold plated 19th century pocket watch chain with decorative sliders. It can be worn long or short and also wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet.


Finally I want to show you the work of a clever and talented lady – Holly Laurie. Holly has a shop called Holly Deer Designs on Etsy. She repurposes antique and vintage light fittings into jewelry stands. I bought two necklace stands and will be buying more from her in future. Holly’s shop is here.

SONY DSC DSC06486 DSC06487

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