More Ancestors

I’m digging up Ancestors from places I never knew they’d be hiding. I guess you could say that I’m on a roll and it’s nowhere near to stopping at the moment. This is a good thing, and it’s very inspiring for me.

For years I have hunted, collected and gathered all manner of metal, glass, wood and other bits and pieces in the hope that one day, these lovely little treasures would come together as something beautiful. And now they have.


Above is the current collection of ‘Ancestors’ and ‘Lyrical’ designs. The Ancestors pieces all feature tintype photographs, watch parts, pocket watch cases and other embellishments. The Lyrical collection features quotes, sincere words and other forms of written expression etched into copper and embellished with a range of organic, rough and ready beads and elements to portray the endurance and strength of human emotion. (WOW, that was heavy!).


The above design features an antique French enameled watch dial, gold Dresden trim, metal bits, a smaller watch face and a tintype photo. The case is a rusted old pocket watch body from somewhere in Europe. I added the glass and the back, added a decorative bail and some chain and voila!


Another construction making use of an old pocket watch body, this design has some hidden treasures only the new owner will discover. A cut-out cover has been added to an old silver metal case and protected under glass is the Ancestor artwork – a halo of watch gears, watch hands and metal bits embellishing an 1860s tintype photograph.


I love this piece, but that’s because I love owls. This fellow is firmly riveted onto one of my hand-etched copper pendants and is embellished with an old watch face, watch hands and gears and an old bracelet link repurposed into a bail. I love rivets and eyelets and you can expect to see a lot more of them in the months to come.


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