I had a mad urge to bash some metal today, so I spent a few hours sawing, filing, polishing, hammering, drilling and shaping a strip of copper sheet into a cuff bracelet.

The inspiration for this design comes from the little birdie I have riveted onto it. The bird comes from a 19th century French marriage souvenir – you know the one, where you have this elaborate construction of flowers, wax, cloth and metal bits arranged artistically under a glass globe. I’d had this ‘artwork’ sitting around the house for months, and I would move it from place to place, always with the intention of harvesting its delightful little parts for jewellery and art designs at some point in future.

So I finally got out my flush cutters and attacked it, snipping off the metal birds and leaves and carefully preserving some of the faded red silk. Those other elements will be transformed at some point in the future, but for now here is what I did with the birdie. I was playing with some new metal patinas I bought, along with my texturing hammer and saw. Now I need new saw blades as I managed to destroy about six of them cutting this strip out of a larger sheet of copper.

I’m happy with the result and I am inspired to attempt other designs. What I love most about this design is that elements from different centuries can come together so harmoniously that you would think they were always meant to be together like that. The bird would date to the latter quarter of the 1800s – so it is at least 130 years old. Incredible, huh?

Now sold but I will make more!

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