Bluster and rain

It’s a blustery day today. The wind was so strong before that I had to use my whole body weight to hold open the door of the car so I could get out. The wind was whipping up from the ocean with a great fierceness. I got home to madly flapping blinds and a scared Poodle who almost jumped into my lap while I was still standing.

The wind did not deter me from photographing some new designs, although there was a bit of glare and some of the detail was lost by the bright sun.

I’ve been quite busy writing assignments for my course, which has now passed week four. I am really enjoying it and my teachers and classmates are really great. I’m enjoying being able to put my work experiences into practice in my studies – it helps so much having spent so much time in a corporate environment with understanding the course content and applying the learnings. And its nice when you write something and an eagle-eyed critic says ‘nice piece’. 🙂

I’m about to go and make tuna cheese macaroni for dinner. As soon as it starts to get cold I turn to comfort food, and while it is not very cold at all it is colder than it has been for the past few weeks so I am celebrating the ‘cold snap’ with a hearty dinner. My dad, a very good cook, hates combining cheese and seafood and I usually don’t like it either, but in this dish I make an exception because it is so good – especially with lots of cracked black pepper.

I have been neglecting my designing and creating work a bit as assignments have been due, but I did take a few days this week to put together some designs from pieces I’ve been holding onto for a while now. Here is one I will keep for now. I usually don’t keep much of what I make, but the locket in this design is so rare I fear I will never see another one. It is a Victorian mourning locket made from Whitby Jet or Vulcanite. It has raised decoration on the front with the words ‘forget me not’.

I placed an old photo inside, and I love the little bit of colour you experience when you open the locket. The necklace also features antique coral beads and antique mother of pearl rosary chain. An oyster shell cameo is the only bling in this design. For now it will live with my other necklaces, but if I come across another similar locket I might just make one for sale.




I have also been doing some more copper bashing. I nearly gave up because I have the wrong saw blades and I broke about 7 of them just trying to cut this strip of copper. I did some research and have ordered the correct size of blade, and in the meantime I made this simple cuff bracelet. It has a natty little French hare/rabbit button as its focal point.


I also made another wrap necklace. They rarely last more than one market before they are snapped up. I love making them as I never know how they will turn out. I usually just have a vague idea of colour combinations but not much else. The wrap necklace is shown here with a St Germaine reliquary necklace and the above mentioned forget-me-not necklace.DSC06799



One response to “Bluster and rain

  • Lisa Taglialavore

    Your work SOARS! I just shared it with a jewelry friend if mine on Etsy who does PInk Poppy Studio and she also loved your resin pieces! These are simply stunning – I am quite fond of the Victorian Mourning locket and the French Hare bracelet. Your work continues to leave me awe inspired…XOXO, Le Kitchenwitch (on Facebook) vanitas65 on Flicker

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