Panic Stations

It’s not in my nature to panic. When things get tough or the pressure mounts I tend to become more focused and organised in order to achieve what needs to be done. So to use the word panic is probably not the right context, but it probably got your attention 🙂

My sense of ‘painc’ comes from the dire lack of assemblage designs I have to offer for sale at the moment. They seem to be selling quicker than I can replace them and the supplies I have coming in from all over the world are not getting here fast enough for my liking.

I am using the time to bring in some new products and I made up a few leather cuffs the other day. I tried to make my own cuffs but I don’t have the right gear to make the snap closures really strong and unbreakable. So I found a supplier of quality cuffs in the USA and they offer some great hides and leathers. I get them in bulk and the cost is close enough to what it would be if I had made them myself. And I know I have a reliable product.

My cuff range features a variety of embellishments, from Art Deco buckles to French hunting buttons. My favourite is the bicycle tag cuff. The tag dates to 1935 and is ornate and beautifully Deco in style. This one is in excellent condition and I love the contrast of bright brass against organic hide. I have more bike tags coming in from France so for now I can only offer one for sale. I’ve also listed a simple and pretty Paris souvenir necklace. I have more Paris pieces coming in the next few weeks.

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