Sneaky snakes, 18th century medals and pastel tones

I’ve been pretty busy doing some house organising over the past few days – moving things from one storage facility to another closer to home. That’s a lot of car trips and boxes to carry. We’re nearly there. Next stage is to get some proper storage built into our apartment, and some redecorating.

I did a lot of designing last week but only had a chance to photograph the items today. I noticed that there is a lot of blue in this batch of designs. I don’t know what that says about me or my mood at the moment, but usually blue reminds me of the sky and escaping. So maybe it’s time for a holiday.

I’m also going to share two pieces I have made for myself. One is a prototype for a design I will eventually sell but I need to perfect a few things with my soldering technique. The pendant is cast from an Art Nouveau button and it is the most intriguing button I’ve ever seen. I was first attracted to the button for the little bats that occupy the top left corner of the medallion. The word ‘crepuscule’ is engraved into the piece – this translates from French to mean ‘twilight’. So long before the Twilight we all know, the French were celebrating the end of the day with this beautiful button design. I adore this design – it is whimsical, mysterious and beautiful all at once.


The other gift to myself is a pair of earrings, made from antique French carved bone buttons. There are  little silver cherubs affixed to the front (original to the buttons) and I embellished this design with Art Deco crystal and silver connectors. The steely grey and jonquil yellow tones work really well together.


As for designs made to sell, I have a lot to offer as well. Firstly there is this leather cuff featuring a solid silver antique cherub brooch. The brooch is hallmarked and comes from France. It makes for a great cuff design and is very romantic and eye-catching.


Here are the necklaces I made, a few of which are already for sale in my shop and the others will be listed tonight.




I really like how this 1793 medallion necklace came together. The medallion is a carriage token from the city of Coventry. I buffed it a bit then sealed it so the patina remains as-is over time. A simple piece but very effective. The token is original, not a reproduction. It features Lady Godiva on one side and an elephant on the other.


Lastly, here is a little snake ring I will be offering in sterling silver or bronze. You can have it in gold if you like – but I expect most people will want it in sterling.


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