I’ve been collecting little antique charms for about five years now. My original intention was to add them all to a silver bangle to make a charm bangle. But as I added them over the years the charm bangle became a bit cumbersome.

So I decided to make a proper charm bracelet using a white gold belcher bracelet I bought to celebrate the sale of my first house many years ago. I don’t wear the bracelet much these days and when I came across it a few weeks ago I realised it would make a perfect home for all my little charms and I had exactly enough to fill this bracelet. It’s a bold piece for me to wear as I tend to go for more subtle jewellery. But this one is special, a labour of love, and it makes a nice jingle when I wear it.

The charms include  a Kasumi pearl, an old silver boot that was once a little pin cushion, a silver acorn, a heart-shaped locket, a silver tassel and a French stanhope in the shape of a star. There are many more charms on this bracelet.

Now that this one is full I need to start another one…

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