Empire Era

The Empire era is a favourite time for me as so much beautiful jewellery and fashion came from this time. It was a period of great change in France and I think any period of change always generates great and beautiful things, ideas and events.

I showed you this belt buckle in an earlier post. It dates to around 1810-1820. When I got it, it was a bit dirty and had lots of verdigris.

Cloak buckle

I did my best to clean it up and decided that I wanted to wear it somehow – but I wasn’t going to wear it as a cloak clasp, as I don’t wear cloaks 🙂

So I made it into a pair of earrings.


I love them. They are very authentic and go so well with everything.

I’ve also had a thing for hunting themes lately. It all started when I found this lovely little English Grandeln pendant (the middle charm on the necklace below).


The teeth of an elk are set into a pendant as a memento of a hunt. I couldn’t even tell you why I like it, but I have since bought a whole heap of old hunting brooches and bits and bobs for using in designs and selling in my supplies shop. In this charm necklace design I complemented it with an antique stanhope binocular charm and an antique baby’s rattle in the shape of an acorn.

I suppose it’s a natural extension of my much-loved hunter’s buttons, which I love to turn into earrings, pendants, cuffs  and rings.

Fox Cuff

Fox Cuff

I am very pleased with the necklace below. It is for sale at L’Atelier de Talaru. It features what I can only describe as the most beautiful cross I have ever seen. I don’t wear crosses, but this is almost enough to convert me. However I want someone who really loves them to own it. The cross dates to about 1810-1820 and is from France. I made the chain from stunning Kasumi-like pearls and one single green garnet.



I styled the necklace after those I saw on old Regency-era fashion prints – I think it’s a fairly good modern interpretation on an old classic.


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