Curiosity Cabinet

I’ve always been a bit of a bower bird – collecting lots of curious things ever since my very early forays into antique hunting with my father. I guess it is a habit handed down – my parent’s place is a bit like a museum with all their collections on display.

I’ve collected lots of interesting little things over the past few years that I would love to put into a cabinet. For now they are in what I call my curiosity window. This is what I look at when I do my jewellery making:

I do want a proper cabinet for these little treasures as there are lots more things in boxes that need to come out – eggs, beach finds, old papers and so on.

I found a great haul of antique cut steel beads the other day. There are heaps and heaps of beads here. They are fairly scarce and a bit pricey if you but them in small quantities. I was lucky enough to find a length of fringe made from the beads and also some whole, unused hanks. They will keep me going for a while, as well as a new lot of beautiful beads and pearls…some of which are shown here.

One response to “Curiosity Cabinet

  • Liz

    Love it Melanie. I find so much comfort, inspiration and love in my cabinet. I fill it with curios that have memories. Those ‘bits’ that I found at my Grandparents both in the house and the amazing shed that was my great grandfathers stable. Shells I have found from around the world, beautiful bottles, small trinkets, mother of pearl pocket knives, Aladdin’s lamps…When I look at it I see the past, my life and the incredible world we live in. Thanks for sharing.

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