New Designs and Custom Orders

I’ve been busy this week with custom orders. My lovely customer ordered a Crepsucule necklace with her choice of stones and pearls. I love doing custom orders – it is a much more intimate process as I am making something to the specifications of the customer. And the customer’s choice of colours and elements is something very personal to them…here is the end result.



I also made a batch of earrings for my markets. I don’t usually sell these designs online but I have been collecting lovely handmade lampwork beads for years now, and finally decided to do something with them. I also put together a few floaty, dangling gemstone pairs while I was at it. I tend to make earrings in batches, rather than individually.



Some new designs have also been listed on Etsy. I really love this old cut steel buckle necklace. I believe the buckle to be quite old – possibly early 19th century, and it comes from France. It is one of those genuine old handmade pieces of adornment that you just don’t see anymore. And cut steel pieces are very expensive these days. I was lucky enough to get a few lovely pieces for a reasonable price – and here is what I have done with one of them.



I also made a few bracelets. I really love the deer bracelet. I used a link from an old hunt souvenir bracelet. The deer panel is hand carved from deer horn. I have softened the rest of the design with moss aquamarine and some ornate antique bracelet links. The other bracelet is made using an old French ermine brooch. It is such a pretty piece and works really well with the old mother of pearl beads, rhinestones and rubies.





Finally, here are some earrings I made the other day for my Etsy shop. I used antique cut steel beads and 200 year old coral beads for the first pair, and for the second pair I used lustrous Kasumi-like pearls and antique rhinestones. These designs are more in keeping with my overall assemblage theme, hence listing them for sale online.




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