Ha! No, I am not going to Paris. I wish I was but my wings are clipped for now since I left my last job – the one that allowed me the chance to travel a bit during work trips. But what I have been doing is working on some of my personal Paris souvenir pieces and finally putting them into a design.

I had two special pieces that were laying around gathering dust – not a good thing for such rare and beautiful collectible treasures. So I set about making two necklaces with these lovelies. The two pieces in question are an early 1900s Paris souvenir mirror pendant, and a carnet de bal from the same era. I know they are from the same era because they have the same decoration on the front. You see this design on a lot of souvenir pieces – pill boxes, book lockets, mirror lockets, carnets des bals and brooches.


The necklace pictured above is the mirror locket design. I made the chain by hand linking a favourite combination of gemstones and colours – green chrysoprase, silver pyrite and pearls. There is some very pretty antique chain in this design as well. I love the link above the pendant – it is from an old Paris souvenir bracelet and is quite unusual. I’ve not seen one in exactly that design before. It’s a fairly long necklace but is pictured double wrapped so you can see the back of the neck section and chain as well.


The other necklace, pictured above, features a French carnet de bal and a handmade chain comprising a beautiful selection of gemstones – white topaz, orange chalcedony, blue apatite and pearls. I made the chain months ago and never attached it to anything. When I decided to use the carnet de bal on a necklace I found this chain again and thought it would make the perfect match to this pendant.

I’ve not been entirely selfish with my making this week. There are a few new things already listed in my shop and a few more to go in soon. A recent favourite design is this bird necklace. I used a mid-century celluloid bird for the pendant and combined it with a vintage rhinestone bow and lovely shabby, chippy old glass pearls. There is a feeling of faded grandeur about this design. I love it! But I won’t keep it.


I also made a longer glass pearl necklace with this delightful Marie Antoinette brass stamping. I believe it would have originally been used on a belt or coat buckle. Now it makes an elegant focal point for this design that also features old cut glass beads, lovely vintage brass beads, glass pearl chain and glass rosary chain.


Finally, here is a very special pair of earrings. They were months in the making because I waited to find two identical buttons for this design. Yes, they are buttons! They are Art Nouveau era, so they date to the turn of the century 1900. The design is very fine and detailed and is typically ‘nouveau’. To bring some spring colour into the design I used lush pink sapphires and green apatite. They’re not cheap, but they are absolutely one-of-a-kind and incredibly beautiful.


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