Phew! Time to take a break.

Well not really. Take a break, that is.

It’s been a very busy few weeks, with two major assignments due, one of which came out at over 30 pages. That’s not my record though. My final undergraduate (1990) assignment for the enlightening subject of company taxation law came in at 60 pages. All typed on an old typewriter – this was before word processors and even computers. Some people even hand wrote their assignments back then. Imagine that?!

I have a week’s mid-semester break next week so I intend to do nothing but the things I really want to do – make jewellery and do fun things like walking, cooking, cycling and reading.

Of course, even when it’s busy for me, I always have time to make things. But the making is fitted in after chores and study. Here are the results of some recent creativity.

I’ve sold out of most of my leather cuffs so made a few more new designs. It delights me to see that men and well as women buy these cuffs. Likewise with my rings – a man with a self-confessed ‘ring fetish’ bought a button ring last week. I never would have guess that one!




I love those antique French bicycle plaques (see middle pic, above). They are perfect for a bracelet. I plan to make a few more before this Sunday as I have my most popular, long-standing market this weekend.

Here’s a show-stopper of a necklace for Etsy and markets. I’ve had the centrepiece for a while. It is a large bezel with an 18th century antique print inside. I couldn’t find the right chain until recently and that inspired me to finish the design.


I’ve been doing a lot of work with resin and have some new ephemera bracelets curing as we speak. I also have two new ring designs. I love working with old papers and resin. It’s such a wonderful way to preserve these ancient treasures.

Here are some earrings I made for the markets. They are very different to the style of jewellery I sell in my Etsy shop, but for markets they are quite popular. I make my own sterling silver hoops then I decorate them with little charms; in this case two bronze acorns.


I’ve also completely sold out of my copper cuffs. I managed to make one more for this weekend but need to stock up on the right supplies to make more. I love the old brass embellishment – it’s a branch of acorns and oak leaves. I love acorns as symbols for jewellery designs.


How’s cute are these earrings? I made them while I was putting together the ephemera bracelets for this weekend. They have original prints inside taken from a French ladies magazine dating to 1899. I added a bit of vintage bling and voila! Instant Downton Abbey.


Almost as much as I love acorns, I love owls. I got to pat one once when I was visiting a village fair outside Belfast. It was an amazing experience…too bad I didn’t have a camera with me.


PS – here’s a recent photo of Serge. He found a stick on our walk the other morning and he carried it a few blocks to home, then proceeded to peel the bark off before chewing it into toothpick size shards. He loves to peel things, including tape, cardboard and of course, bark.


One response to “Phew! Time to take a break.

  • Kate Groves

    Just wanted to say that i admire your work – particularly as you use authentic pieces rather than imitations as so many crafty types tend to employ. In your descriptions, it is clear that you love your little relics – something i can appreciate a s a hoarder of old bits. Keep up the great work!
    P.S. Serge is a cool little crafter, too.

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