New job, and a making frenzy

I start a new job next week. It’s been nearly a year off since I finished my last job. I’ve enjoyed my time not working but despite not having to go into an office every day, I’ve been very busy with designing and studying. I will be inching closer to my dream vocation with a new job as a copywriter and production coordinator for an adventure travel company. I think I will enjoy researching and writing about all manner of adventure travel-related topics. And my new job is close enough to home that I just might be able to ride a bike to work most days.

Tomorrow I have a stall at an annual vintage market in Ballarat. I loved the market last year and have looked forward to returning. To stock up for the market I have been in a bit of a making frenzy these past few days. I’ve neglected my antique assemblage designing lately and rounded up a nice collection of treasures to create a few new designs for tomorrow.


I really love how this green and gold tassel necklace, below, finished up. It’s a divine colour combination and has a real ‘flapper’ feel about it. The centrepiece is an original art nouveau coat buckle – I wish I had the other half so I could use it in another design. The tassel is an antique bullion tassel – made from bullion, or gold metal, thread. The gold works so well with the vintage light pistachio green beads.


The sweet salamander pendant below comes from France and dates to the early part of the 20th century. The salamander was a symbol for one of the old kings of Brittany, and became popular again in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


I had great fun making the necklace below. The focal piece is a very old cut steel shoe buckle. I suspect it dates to the early part of the 19th century and is wonderfully handmade. I complemented the cut steel in the design with antique cut steel beads, and added some punch and colour with red and blue chalcedony.


Lastly for tonight I want to show you a lovely necklace made with two special sentimental pieces. One is a French marriage medal dating to 1873, and the other is a little sweetheart token in the shape of a heart. Both pieces have the initials of the beloveds engraved into them. Very special and precious. The back of the medal is shown below, and the last photo shows the front.



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