It’s been a while. Well it seems like it to me. It’s been a busy month and I am finally getting back on top of designing and making. There is no time to rest though, because the Christmas markets will start soon and customers are already asking me what I will be offering for Christmas. The heat is on!

I have finally finished my studies for the year. Half way through and another year to go next year. Thankfully classes don’t start till the end of March 2014, so there is a nice break to enjoy in the meantime. I’m also settling into my new job, which I am really enjoying. I get to research and write about such things as: gorilla tracking in Uganda, island resorts in Mozambique, cruising around Antarctica and holidays in the frontier land of Alaska. It’s a busy job and it’s nice to be busy with something that is interesting and changing every day.

I’ve become a commuter – catching a train and tram to work. I usually make the journey door-to-door in 40 minutes, which is fine with me. Time to read the news, listen to music and check Etsy and other websites. I do want to start riding a bike to work and will hopefully find the right bike in the next few weeks. Once I start riding I can do my exercise and commuting all at the same time.

This weekend was the first time in ages I have sat down and just made things. I will list these pieces on Etsy in the coming days, but here is a sneak peek.

A beautiful, ethereal necklace of subtle icy blues, creams and greens. I used flourite, moss aquamarine, mystic antique quartz and freshwater pearls. The colours were chosen to evoke a gentle ocean, like somewhere the little starfish on the pendant might be swimming around it. The pendant is French and dates to about 1920.

Sea Horse Necklace

I made a few pair of antique assemblage earrings too. I am a bit slow on the antique earrings though I seem to have no trouble making lots and lots of tribal style earrings. Here are some that I made this weekend:

The earrings with the silver shoes are made with pearls and diamonds – little diamond chips that unfortunately did not glitter as there was not much sun out today. The big red donut beads are called Sherpa coral and are made from glass by the Sherpas in the Himalayas. I really love the big bone beads with stars. The ceramic dangles that hang from the bottom come from an artist in the UK. I love her things and have a nice little stash of quirky, glazed goodness to use in the coming weeks.

Here, finally, is another necklace I made today. It is a simple design of cut steel beads for the necklace, a silver Edwardian piece for the connector and a 19th century hand carved gaming counter for the centrepiece. These gaming counters are notoriously difficult to photograph and I am not sure my pictures do it justice.


With my new job I am learning all about destinations I never really knew much about. Each day I come home with a new holiday idea. Two things have stayed at the top of my list despite all the wonderful holidays I now know about. They are 1) tracking the mountain gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda, and 2) lazing in a lovely resort on an island off the coast of Mozambique. Alas, having just started in this job I don’t expect to be jetting off anywhere exciting anytime soon. At least I have the next best thing…

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