!raeY weN yppaH

Yes, happy new year to you all! It’s been a while. Where has the time gone? Well, a new year has begun and an old one has closed. What a great year it was. I’ve read mixed reviews from people all around Facebook and online saying that they hope 2014 will be better than 2013. I have different sentiments – I hope it will be at least as good, if not better.

What’s happened in the past 12 months? I took most of the year off work, which is a good thing and probably a big part of why the year was so great, with lots of valuable lessons and experiences. I learned that it is near impossible to live off making jewellery, as I want to do it. Lots of compromise would have been required for me to make more commercially appealing goods that I could sell more of. Nope – values and artistic integrity won out there.

I completed half of a post graduate diploma (basically, a condensed degree) in public relations. I loved getting back into study, learning new things, having intelligent and challenging discussions about current affairs, morals, values and integrity. I made some great new friends in class and I did lots and lots of writing and studying. Still another two months till classes start for 2014.

I stopped drinking back in July. Not that I was ever much of a drinker anyway, but I stopped completely, other than one glass of champagne on Xmas Day (which I really enjoyed and appreciated). I don’t miss it, and have no desire to drink in any regular sense ever again. Even for Boxing Day (BIG family party) and NYE, I did not touch a drop.

I took up running again. I really love to run but had stopped about two years ago. So a month ago I started up again, dragging myself along the beach paths for a bit short of 4 kilometres. I can feel the benefits already and intend to make it an ‘every-second-day’ activity.

I started a new job, after having been with my previous employer for ten years. I returned to the travel industry as a copywriter and brochure coordinator. I love the writing and am grateful for the experience of writing and researching every day. And it’s nice to work for one of the top high-end safari and wilderness travel suppliers in the country. Ask me anything about: Antarctica, Cuba, Guyana, Panama, Arctic, Russian East Coast. I know them well….on paper at least.

And of course there was that one constant, my jewellery making. I learned lots of new techniques, took classes, experimented, succeeded, failed…I started up my tribal line which I love to make and wear. Strangely it does not sell online, (though hundreds of people seem to favourite all of my designs), but it does sell well at markets. I’ll keep going with that.

I have my lovely boys, B and Serge, who are the lights of my life and my constant companions. I couldn’t want for more.

As for recent creativity. I have been making a lot though mainly tribal style for Talaru Tribu. I have a good stock of antique assemblage designs already in stock so I’ve been working on etching, soldering, using copper, glass, bone, handmade components and other exotic materials to keep developing my bohemian styles.

Here is some of what I made in the past few weeks:

Made some cushions from new designs. The deer is from an 18th century French print I bought a while back with the intention of using it on a cushion cover. And voila! Here it is.

Deer cushion


I also made up this seahorse, that I had designed some time back. It is also taken from an antique print.



I did some etching this week, and I really love this numbers pendant.



And some earrings also made with my etched components.



Finally I got the right sort of solder and stuff to solder copper. It’s something I’ve been trying to do for ages but my torch does not reach a high enough temperature for copper soldering with regular solder. So I have been saved and was very pleased to be able to make some simple copper rings to use in my designs.



I also made this necklace using a Kuchi piece for the pendant, some 2,000 year old Roman-era glass and a lovely rusty, crusty handmade pod from a lady in England.

Kuchi Necklace


Here are some more earrings from last week. More Kuchi parts and also some beautiful handmade glass beads that glow in the most amazing ways.



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