Wild weather, wacky designs

We had a burst of extreme wind today. I thought it was a tornado but it probably wasn’t. Trees were bending nearly to the ground, roof sheets were rattling and the house was being buffeted. During this time of wild weather I started putting things together in a way I would not usually do…and I am quite pleased with the result.

I had been playing all weekend at adding patina and various finishes to a range of cheap old lucite beads, bead caps and any other metal thing I could get my hands on. I did some nice mossy green patinas on my etched copper parts and also grunged up some old beads.

Here are some necklaces I made by layering together a whole range of completely unrelated but somehow cohesive beads and parts.

Crazy pendants


And from afar you can see the full glory of these new pendants.



And earrings, made with my own etched copper, with a green patina added.



Some lovely pink and black earrings. The black bead is one I LOVE so much. It is a lucite bead from the 1950s that had a copper coating. I oxidised it to within an inch of its life…and paired it with a hot pink vintage glass bead.



These earrings are very cool – lovely oxidized copper lucite beads, red Sherpa glass and handmade glass rustic balls.


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