Getting my groove back

It’s been a while since I last made some antique assemblage designs. Far too long.

I really love working in the tribal style and the challenge that comes from using materials and techniques that are new to me.

Eventually I return to the source and today I made two antique assemblage necklaces that I think are amongst the best I have ever made. They are true to the style and genre of antique assemblage and contain heaps of lush gemstones and antique treasures.

The first features a very rare and quite expensive French ex-voto sacred heart pendant. I did have this pendant for sale in my supply shop for some time but nobody bought it, which is great for me since I get to use it in a design. Inspiration struck today and here is the result.


Here’s a close-up.


The chain is made from kyanite, garnet and gold plated pyrite. There is a brass hook clasp with a handmade ring.

The other design to come out of today’s endeavours is a silvery blue sensation. This design features an Art Nouveau mirror locket depicting the huntress Diana on the front. It’s quite a handy piece to wear as you can use the mirror to check your appearance when you are out.


Silver and blue are such a wonderful combination and this design is chock full of lots of beautiful contrasting textures and colours.


In the past few weeks I have been busy on some tribal designs and I have delved into the realm of archaeology, using bit and pieces dug up from the ground, cleaned and repurposed.


The focal piece for this design might once have been some door hardware, but with a little embellishment on the bottom and a 19th century tintype, it becomes an intriguing pendant. This next design combines an old gear and a button from Russia.


And this lovely textured design using handmade ceramic beads in nice earthy colours.


I found a stockist of lovely decorative Japanese sliding door pulls. They really are quite lovely, and the plain ones form great bezels…like used on this cuff bracelet below.


I’ve got a few more treasures to work with over the coming week, including some delicious peachy pink/orange Ethiopian opals and some blingy Art Deco rhinetones. I’m back at school next week so will have less time to making, but I always manage to fit in some making here and there.

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